Cemetery Display / Photo-op

Are you in need a portable graveyard? Our Cemetery display is light-weight and can be fit into a 10×10′ space! It is hand crafted with great attention to detail, out of mostly recycled materials.

The “Restless Souls” Cemetery contains a full size mausoleum with the inhabitants in the process of breaking out, a dirty old concrete tomb with a corner chipped off (and a corpse crawling out), zombies, a number of movie inspired tomb stones, and a welcoming Reaper, all surrounded by a creepy old rusty fence.
(See below for a video of the full set)

Photo Contest

The Cemetery is available as an interactive photo-op, or for any other occasion that would require an instant graveyard. People love that they are allowed to walk in and look around, and that they can get hands on with stunt corpses Ben and Beulah. Adding a social media photo contest to the graveyard display makes visitors feel involved and challenges them to take creative pictures.
These are the winners of the FanExpo 2016 Photo Contest:

Kids in Grave Yard

Kids ‘having fun’ with the stunt corpses

New Friends in the Grave Yard

Jim finally found people who find his jokes funny

Erica Dances in the Grave Yard

Erica dances with Ben through the graveyard

Scary Creepmas!

Upon special request (by the Strange and Astounding Show, Oshawa) we created a Christmas themed version of the Cemetery Display. The Creepmas Cemetery includes fake snow on all surfaces, and a Zombie Rudolf surrounded by tombstones of all the other reindeer.

Zombie Santa and Rudolf (Christmas reindeer graveyard)

The Cemetery Display can be scaled up or down to fit any area!

There are only 12 Days 14 Hours 58 Minutes 54 Seconds left until Halloween!