Privacy Policy

No matter how much you are into horror stuff, when you enter your personal information somewhere online, you don’t want it to fall into the hands of creepy strangers for shady purposes.
That’s why we do everything in our power to make sure that when you order from us your personal information gets locked up securely and never finds it way out again! *MUHAHAHA*

We know you like to stay mysterious, but we do need to know some things from you… What, you ask, and why?

First and last name
Because we want to address you properly, and it also makes it a little easier for your mail man to deliver your orders.

This is also very convenient for the mail man, otherwise it is going to be a great challenge to get your stuff to you.

Phone number
We’d like to be able to reach you quickly in case we have any questions.

Email address
To send you your invoice and status updates for your order. And alright, we’d like to use it to send you a little update every now and then too. But we assume you like that kind of stuff, otherwise you wouldn’t be on our website in the first place. If not, it’s really easy to unsubscribe.

Pictures & Anthropometry*
If you’re ordering a custom made product based on you (eg. an Undead Doppelganger) we will need to know all sorts of stuff about your physical appearance to bring this to a success.
This information will never be used for anything other than the production of your order, and will be deleted/destroyed within 30 days of completion of the order. Unless of course we have received your permission to use it for promotional purposes or you have requested us to hold on to it for future reproductions.

Any further questions about our Privacy Policy? Contact us at

* Anthropometry is a fancy word for the measurement of the human individual.