Toxic Zen Fountain – 2019

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Ever wondered what would it look like if a person was being half eaten away by acid, and trying to crawl out of a toxic waste drum to come and get his revenge? We did!
And this is our answer to that question.

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You will surely draw a lot of attention when you have this fountain sitting on your porch!
The water drizzling from his eye is strangely fascinating to audiences everywhere.

We made the 2019 version about 20 cm taller than the previous versions, and with that he now stands over a meter tall! You’ll get him with a 55 gal barrel, a heavy duty fountain pump and optionally with an LED mist maker as well.

Easy to use! First, you fill the container with water until the base is covered, then you place the corpse and the mist maker in the proper positions, and plug in! You can even add some food colouring if you want!
Afterwards, you can lift the corpse from the container for easy draining, and you can even store him inside the barrel until next time.

Zen Fountain Includes:

  • – Dripping corpse torso with arms and eyes that stare into your soul… The 2018 version is 20cm taller than previous versions, raising himself out of the barrel much further.
  • – Adjustable 80-120 GPH fountain pump
  • – Industrial 55 gallon shipping drum (diameter 56 cm). Choose between
    TRIOXIN barrel: HDPE barrel painted army green with white print “Property of Department of Army” on it OR
    TOXIC barrel: black metal barrel with yellow warning labels.
  • – Now available with additional mist maker! Select at check out.


  • – You can use your Zen Fountain outdoors (as long as it’s not freezing).
    However they are not intended for long term exposure to the elements
  • – HDPE drums can’t really be painted, but we’re doing it anyway because they look awesome. Please handle with care, or the army green paint might scrape of, revealing the original blue colour.
  • – Full safety instructions included
  • – Needs to be plugged in to a 110V outlet (or two outlets if you add a mist maker)


We make the Zen Fountains to order. Contact us for more info on availability.

Please keep in mind that shipping is not available for the Toxic Zen Fountain, as it is too big and heavy. (Apologies for the shopping casket being unable to indicate this correctly!)
We will deliver your Fountain for free within a 50 km of Hamilton, ON. Within 150 km of Hamilton we will charge a reasonable delivery fee, starting at $20 (to be paid cash on delivery).
You can also arrange pick-up in Hamilton, ON.
Please contact us if you’re interested and want to discuss delivery options.

Additional information

Mist maker

Yes, No

Barrel type

TRIOXIN: HDPE, Green with white, TOXIC: Metal, Black with yellow


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