Deluxe Reptile Face Mask Combo

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For cos-players who want to be safe but also want to show off a complete reptilian look!

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We made this Deluxe Dragon Face Mask Combo especially for cosplayers and LARP-ers who are going for a reptilian look. It is a unique combination of a dimensional face mask with a matching forehead prosthetic makeup. This generic reptile design will work for snakes, lizards, chameleons, iguanas, amphibians and all kinds of mutations and cross-overs.

The mask is made out of latex, which is flexible and will fit to your face. The mouth gap allows for plenty of air circulation.
You can clean the inside of the mask with a damp soapy cloth or a sanitizing wipe. The mask comes with a removable lining made of black cotton (preshrunk) and a filter made of polypropylene cloth. The lining attaches with velcro, so you can throw it in the laundry.

The prosthetic is made out of a thinner latex, and has to be glued on & blended like any other theatrical prosthetic.
Together they form a complete reptile look that will allow you to have fun & blow everyone’s mind SAFELY and 100% in character.

The mask has black elastics that go around your head. One size fits most, but let us know if you have a very small or large head and we can adjust the length of the elastics.

Colour options

Choose whether you want to paint the mask+prosthetic yourself in your favourite colours (painting instructions included), or select one of the pre-painted options.

You can also order the mask on its own, or check out our complete line of unique, character face masks here! Pop culture inspired and original designs.

* This is a NON-MEDICAL face mask. It is NOT an N95 mask, surgical mask or respiratory protection mask. However, it meets the guidelines from the World Health Organisation for non-medical face masks. We recommend that you should still practice physical distancing while wearing the mask.

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Unpainted, Tan, Green


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