Prosthetic Applicator Kit

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A complete kit with everything you need for applying prosthetics.

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To help you achieve a great looking make-up, we created this Prosthetic Applicator Kit which contains everything you need for applying prosthetics.

We have 2 variations available:
– The Regular kit contains Spirit Gum and Spirit Gum remover. This adhesive is commonly used for Halloween makeups.
– The Pro kit contains Pros-Aide and Professional strength makeup remover. These are professional materials, that provide extra strong adhesion while being gentle on the skin.


Adhesive: Spirit Gum or Pros-Aide.
ApplyĀ adhesive to the back of the prosthetic on the areas that will touch your skin. For extra adherence apply on skin as well.
Wait until tacky before sticking prosthetic to the skin.

Liquid Latex
Use a triangle to dab Liquid Latex over the edges of your prosthetic to blend it in with your skin.

Remover: Spirit Gum remover or Pros-Aide remover
Dissolves adhesive and helps remove Liquid Latex. Work underneath the prosthetic with a Q-tip if necessary.

Professional quality theatrical blood
Finish your make-up by adding this Professional quality theatrical blood. Realistic colour and will stay shiny and looking fresh even after it dried to the touch.

4 Triangle sponges
For blending in Liquid Latex or make-up.

1 Stipple sponge
Use for texturing or for stippling blood to simulate a splatter effect.

2 Precision Q-tips, 2 Ultra-precision Q-tips and 2 Tooth picks
Multiple uses, for example precision placement of blood or make-up.



Please keep in mind that this product only ships within Canada and the US, as we cannot guarantee the quality of some of the products when shipping with air mail. šŸ™
(Apologies if the shopping casket is unable to indicate this correctly!)

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Regular (Spirit Gum), Professional (Pros-aide)

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  1. Helly

    Everything I need. Great value!

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