Impaled Eyeball Pencil


Keep an eye on your work while grossing out all your classmates / teachers / co-workers by writing with a pencil that has an eyeball dripping with blood impaled on it.

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Product Description

Our hand made eyeballs are light weight and have a detailed iris and realistic capillaries. They are finished with glossy blood drips and lots of blood splatter.

The eyeballs are impaled on high quality Mirado Classic Black pencils: “The World’s Smoothest Writing Pencil, made out of 100% Premium Cedar (does not contain Rainforest wood). Sharpens to a fine, exact point, and equipped with a soft, non-smudge eraser.”

We currently do not offer an eye colour selection for the Eyeball Pencils, but if you have a preference for an eye colour, please include that in your order notes, and we will let you know if we have it in stock.


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