Futuristic Fighter Face Mask


This super geeky face mask shows everyone you can take on any enemy, whether they’re 10ft tall or 125 nanometers small*.

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Product Description

Are you bored with plain face masks, and want something new? This Futuristic Fighter Face Mask is perfect for every day, or for once convention season starts up again! Great for your Superhero, Ninja, Anime, Video Game or Robot Cosplay, eg. Transformers, Mortal Combat, or Star Wars.

The mask is made out of latex, which is flexible and will fit to your face (small gaps may occur). The gaps in the design allows for plenty of air circulation.
You can clean the inside of the mask with a damp soapy cloth or a sanitizing wipe. The mask comes with a removable lining made of black cotton (preshrunk) and a filter made of polypropylene cloth. The lining attaches with velcro, so you can throw it in the laundry.

Of course, a mask is not complete without the black elastics that go around your head. One size fits most, but let us know if you have a very small or large head and we can adjust the length of the elastics.

Colour options

Choose this mask in the standard colours, Blue & Black, or request a custom painted mask in your own custom colour design! Pick two colours, one main colour (now blue) and one mouth piece colour (now black).

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You can also find this Futuristic Fighter Face Mask on Etsy.

* This is a NON-MEDICAL face mask. It is NOT an “N95 mask”, “surgical mask”, “antiviral mask” or “respiratory protection mask”, but it conforms with government recommendations to wear a face cover in public. You should still practice physical distancing while wearing the mask.

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