Clean to the Bone Fountain


This guy is more funny than scary, squating in his tub, scrubbing himself clean to the bone! This unique fountain is sure to get a lot of attention and laughs.

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Product Description

Quirky seems to be the right word to describe this cheerful guy. The full skeleton holding his bath brush sits all folded up in a tiny tub, enjoying a bath of water/pus/blood (depending on the colouring you add) drizzling from his eye, down over and through his ribcage. He captivates the attention of young and old.  The pump tubing is carefully hidden inside the bones of this customized skeleton, prompting the question “Where’s the water coming from?”

Easy to use! Just fill the container with water until the base is covered, add food colouring (optional), secure the pump, and plug in! The skeleton can be removed from the container for easy draining.
He can be placed in any container of your choice (or even a pond!) as long as he can be propped at the right water level.


  • Full sized, dripping skeleton (5 foot poseable skeleton)
  • 60 GPH fountain pump + instructions
  • Tub (height 40cm, diameter 56 cm) that looks like half a wooden barrel
  • Wooden bath brush, attached to his hand



  • Full safety instructions included
  • Needs to be plugged in to a 110V outlet


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