NEW: Pet Prosthetics

Pet costumes are more popular than ever! We are excited to introduce our all new Pet Prosthetics as part of our 2016 line, to take this trend to a whole new level.

Never seen before!

Do you love wearing gory make-up for Halloween and wish your pet could too? Now you can!
Bloody up your pet with the all new and exclusive Pet Prosthetics! Let Mr. Whiskers lose one of his nine lives with the cat sized Zombie Brain prosthetic or the Exposed Rib Wound.

A Zombie Brain prosthetic for your pet!An Exposed Ribcage prosthetic for your pet!

Pet proof and safe

The prosthetics easy to apply with a water soluable adhesive that is easy to remove from fur and is non-toxic. It also comes with a pet safe theatrical blood that has a bitter additive to prevent your pet from licking it off.

Coming soon: Dog, Guinea Pig and Gerbil Prosthetics!

Contact us for more information and pre-orders.

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