Life Casting

Traditionally, we do life casting for film productions that are in need of custom FX.
With a life size copy of any part of an actor’s anatomy, FX artists can make custom prosthetics, accessories and severed limbs that are shaped exactly to the actors body.

Recently we’re receiving more and more inquiries from cosplayers and individual costume makers to get life casts done. Therefore we are now offering this as a service to anyone who wishes to get their head (or other body part) cast.

Life cast pricing

The price for a head cast varies between $300 and $600 depending on various things, like the materials used, the size of the area covered and whether or not a bald cap is needed.

Give us a shout, and we’ll help you pick the right materials for your needs, and send you a personal quote.

Life casting materials

For best results we recommend using silicone for the mold. Silicone is more comfortable for you as a model, and gives the nicest mold with high detail (and without sagging). You’ll get a durable, reusable mold, so you can create multiple positives if you wish.
However, if you’re on a budget, we can use alginate instead. An alginate mold is good for one positive.

You also have a selection of materials that we can run the positive in:
Firstly, there is cement (Ultracal), which is easiest on your wallet but will be quite heavy to carry around. Another option is resin, which gives you a durable but light weight copy. Finally, we can run it in Monster Clay, if you want to use your positive to create something else entirely.

Casting takes place in our workshop in Hamilton, ON.

Please note: getting a head cast done means you will be enclosed inside goop-turned-solid for at least an hour. This process is not recommended for people with anxiety/claustrophobia.
Let us know if you have any skin issues or allergies, e.g. latex, adhesives or cats.


The complete process of creating a head cast in Body Double silicone.

Pictures 1-3: Model Gary gets covered in Body Double silicone.
Picture 4: We create a plaster support shell over top of the silicone.
Picture 5: A peek inside the finished mold.


Pictures 6-8: The finished bust, cast in resin, and therefore strong and light weight.
Picture 9: Gary with his copy of himself.