Deluxe Face Mask Combos

You don’t want a mandatory face mask to ruin your cosplay look? Designed especially for Cosplayers and LARP-ers, these Deluxe Cosplay Face Mask Combos will enhance your look instead of taking away from it.

Never seen before: a non-medical face mask with a matching prosthetic forehead makeup! Currently launching these brand new masks to match our popular Dragon and Reptile designs, with more designs to come.

All our face masks are made out of latex, and come with a removable cotton liner & filter that can be washed. The holes in the mask’s mouth allow for plenty of air flow, while the latex is flexible and designed so that the edges fit most face shapes snugly.

The forehead prosthetic is made out of a thinner latex, for comfortable wear. You will need a skin safe adhesive to wear it (eg. Spirit Gum or Pros-Aide).

We offer these Deluxe Face Mask Combos in several colour combinations. If you’re feeling creative you can order yours unpainted and go to town with your favourite colours (painting instructions included).

You can also order either mask without the forehead prosthetics: find them and our other face masks here.

Watch a video of the Dragon Prosthetic in action in our Etsy shop.

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