NEW: All Latex Prosthetics Available In Light, Medium Or Dark Skin Colours

Starting this month, we offer all our latex prosthetics in a selection of 3 skin colours: Light, Medium or Dark. We created the coloured latex blends in own our workshop to match to most skin tones. As always, we strive to make the edges as thin as possible, so that you can blend them in without much effort. The edges are so thin that they will go translucent. This really helps the colour of the prosthetic to blend into your skin, as well as promoting insivible blending of edges.

The first product listings have already been updated with a skin tone selection. Over the next few weeks we will update the other listings as well. If you find a product that does not have a skin colour selection yet, please let us know. We will then update the listing and make sure you’ll get the prosthetic in the skin colour of your preference.

See below for a sample of the colours:

All our prosthetics are available in 3 skin tones: Light, Medium or Dark.