Movie FX

If your feature, short or other film project doesn’t have a large FX budget, but is nonetheless in need of seamless SFX make-up, original props or other practical effects, we can help!
We specialize in great FX and creative solutions to fit any budget, so contact us now!

For a taste of the twisted things that have come out of our workshop in the past, please check out our Portfolio below.
Make sure to also check the Testimonials of our previous clients.

Behold! The horrifying HexBook!
Custom cover for the Guest Book of Hamilton’s own Hexploitation Film Festival.
It’s crafted to look like it’s made out of scraps of demon and monster skin.
Snuff film
Snuff film actor with broken nose Actress with swollen eye lid for snuff film Snuff film actors
Film maker Michael Laicini was in need of ‘snuff film’ footage for a horror short he was shooting, so we beat up his actors for him. A very challenging shoot, because it involved various stages of injuries that had to be applied in a very short time frame because of limited access to the location. Also involved: tattoo cover-up.
Beyond Hell
Sneak peak of main demon Belial - “Beyond Hell” Cracked Eye Demon - “Beyond Hell” (behind the scenes) Eyeless Demon - “Beyond Hell” (behind the scenes) Skull Demon - “Beyond Hell” (behind the scenes)
Beyond Hell” is an indie feature film by Alan Murray, scheduled to be released in 2016, and is the first of a 5-part series.

We designed the facial prosthetics for main demon Belial, and trained their team of make-up artists to apply the make-up. As the character hasn’t been officially revealed yet, we can only show a sneak peak of him.

We also created a number of background demons.

Cole “the Monster of Pilkington County” Bowman
Close-up of Cole “the Monster of Pilkington County” Bowman - “Life of Daniel”    Full Character: Cole “the Monster of Pilkington County” Bowman - “Life of Daniel”    Side view of Cole “the Monster of Pilkington County” Bowman - “Life of Daniel”    Back of Cole “the Monster of Pilkington County” Bowman - “Life of Daniel”
For the upcoming feature film “The Life of Daniel”, we created this original make-up to turn writer/actor Joseph Moore into an early 20th century burn victim. The character looks as if he has been patched up as well as possible with the skin grafting techniques available in that time period.
The make-up consists of 10 separate latex appliances that blend together into one painful looking whole.
Rose Hunter
Domestic abuse make-up for Rose Hunter's music video Black and Blue
Rose Hunter is an upcoming singer-songwriter from BC. Her debut single “Black and Blue” is based on her experiences with domestic violence. We provided the abuse make-up for the music video that was shot at Villa Sound in Collingwood, in November 2014. In the video, her injuries disappear one by one, show her healing herself from the inside.
A Dark Matter
Dead Girl & FX blood pools - “A Dark Matter”    Missing Eye on main actor - “A Dark Matter”    Rotten Eyeballs in jars - “A Dark Matter”    Still frame with eye balls - “A Dark Matter”
A Dark Matter is a film noir about a man obsessed with artist’s eyes.
We created prop eyeballs for a surgery scene and eyeballs in formaldehyde in different states of decay, as well as SFX make-ups for the main actor after he lost an eye. In a scene where a character is found dead, we created the stab wound, which is simple enough, but the location had porous wood floors that could not be damaged, so we created “wet” pools of blood that could be placed on the floor beneath the actress, and then peeled off after shooting without any damage to the floors.
Ash vs. Evil Dead replica costumes
Deadites attack when Brian in screen acurate Ash costume shows Aaron his Necronomicon.     Deadite Desiree sneaks up to Brian/Ash reading from the Necronomicon.
Screen acurate copy of the Necronomicon, Ash costume with chainsaw hand, and Deadite mask (at Fright Night Theatre Film Festival, 2016).
Avatar: The Exhibit
Opening of Avatar Exhibit, Kitchener    Desiree as Avatar character Grace Augustine    Brian as Avatar character Jake Sully    Desiree as Avatar character Grace Augustine, Wide shot
Special guests at the opening of “Avatar: The Exhibit” at THEMUSEUM in Kitchener, ON.

Nose and ear prosthetics, airbrush body paint, and customized costumes to resemble Jake Sully and Grace Augustine from James Cameron’s Avatar. We custom made Grace’s Stanford shirt and jewelery, and made tails with an internal bone structure that allowed them to swish back and forth like real tails. Special waterproof makeup was used so that it would not transfer onto museum guests, and so it could be worn for 48 hours without re-application.

Various injuries
Chelsea Smile make-up, silicone    Claw marks make-up    Simple bullet wound    Cracked open skull from bullet impact, prosthetic

Broken nose (with bone showing) make-up    Burn make-up    Custom “NickyToons” branding, prosthetic    Zombie Bite Wound, prosthetic

Cockroach infestation make-up    Ant infestation make-up    Compound fracture collarbone make-up    Torn Cuticle make-up
We can create any wound, big or small, on your actors, either by using our hand-made prosthetics, or by building it up on the spot.
For example:

  • Cuts,
  • Claw marks,
  • Shot wounds,
  • Broken nose,
  • Burns,
  • Branding,
  • Bite marks,
  • Bug infestations,
  • Compound fracture,
  • Torn cuticle
Under the Bridge
The remains of Chester's head - “Under the Bridge” (behind the scenes)    The remains of Chester's body- “Under the Bridge” (behind the scenes)    Fake log in action - “Under the Bridge”
In this movie a young man’s unconscious body is left in front of a train after he got whacked in the head with a firelog.
We created a rubber log replica so he could be forcibly hit on camera, and what was left of his body after the train hit him.
Various Zombies
Rotten Zombie Mouth, prosthetic    Ripped Zombie Mouth, prosthetic    Brian & Desiree as full zombies
With our own line of hand-made prosthetics we have created numerous zombie make-ups.
Various props
Replica of the Necronomicon as seen in Ash vs. Evil Dead    Hand-made female corpse Beulah    “Human Caterpillar Skeleton”

“Corporate Corpse” prop    The original “Zen Fountain”    “Dried up Corpse” prop
Props for various occasions, hand crafted with great attention to detail.
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